May 12, 2016

Fun Things to do in Kuta Bali Indonesia

Kuta Beach has a very long coastline Fun Things to do in Bali. In this beach a great many activities can be done starting from the Sun, surf, kite play to play the sand like children. If you are still completely blind on Kuta Beach, here are 6 exciting activities that you can do there

1. Soak up the sun while waiting for sunset

Kuta Beach is one of the beaches in Indonesia which has the most beautiful sunset views and amazing. A very long coastline and overlooking the sunset makes the atmosphere of sunset on the beach is really special

Don't be surprised if you come to Kuta Beach at dusk and then find many tourists who pose perpetuates a moment of sunset there. While waiting for dusk to get a view of the Orange, the tourists usually sit around relaxed while sunbathing.

When twilight came, it was like want to pause time in order to stop for the sake of enjoying views of the sunset of Kuta Beach for longer

2. Sitting massage while relaxing

Kuta Beach is the beach which was very crowded so don't surprised if lots of local residents who are trying to earn a fortune by selling souvenirs to the service. By the way the question of services, we will discover some massage service around Kuta Beach. Do not think negative first because massage is here is not a massage plus-plus but relaxing massage for relaxation

While you sit down enjoy the melodious Kuta Beach, you can hire the services of a masseuse to menijit and back to be more relaxed. Massage services in Kuta Beach usually ranges between Rp 60 s/d 80 thousand

3. Hair braids

Fun Things to do in Bali Indonesia It may sound a bit weird. But this hair braids services do exist in Kuta Beach. Perhaps because the beach is very synonymous with reggae songs so this is utilized by the residents there to peddle hair braids services

If you want to perform with braided hair like a reggae musician, no harm to try out hair braids services in Kuta Beach

4. Surf

In addition to the Sun, another very interesting activities preferred by foreign tourists is surfing. In Kuta Beach, is a very reasonable thing to see the tourists arouse surfboards. Waves on Kuta Beach is indeed quite ideal for surfing, especially for beginners

If you've never been surfing and want to learn, not to worry because around Kuta Beach there is a surfing guide service will start from zero surf mengajarimu

5. Main kite

Broad and long beaches make Kuta Beach is becoming a very attractive place to play kite. No need to bring a kite from home because around the coast are many scattered shops that sell kites flown in ready

Berlari-larilah and enjoy the sensation of flying kites on the beach of Kuta. Fun

6. Photos

Last but not least. Less afdol it feels if the roads to Kuta Beach but no photographs. For any purpose. Whether it's to just ngeksis in social media or indeed for the purposes of commercial photos

If you Fun Things to do in Bali Kuta Indonesia are a professional photographer with a sophisticated DSLR camera, come to Kuta Beach at dusk to capture the moment of sunset there. A view of the Sun sinking behind the twilight horizon line is a very interesting photo objects to be taken with the best technique

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