May 13, 2016

Places to visit in bali for honeymoon Cheap without having to Swipe a credit card

10-Honeymoon in Bali are Romantic & Cheap without having to Swipe a credit card Places to visit in bali for honeymoon Cheap without having to Swipe a credit card. Bali, well known as one of the best honeymoon places among tourists Indonesia, even well-known to foreign tourists. This is indicated by the number of villas, hotels and tour agent that offers packages honeymoon Bali. One of the preferred couples honeymoon packages which are honeymoon in Bali is a package tour of Ubud.

But not all honeymoon couples have the ability or the budget to buy the package honeymoon to Bali. Now the question becomes, is there any alternative activities and places to honeymoon in Bali are romantic & cheap?

Page before, I never write about romantic place, 10 for cheap honeymoon in Bali, without having to drain the contents of my wallet. Please click the link below, if you want to read part 1.
List 7-Honeymoon in Bali are Romantic & Cheap

1. Soak in Angel Billabong Nusa Penida

Still on the island of Nusa Penida, one of romatis honeymoon in Bali that is cheap is Angels Billabong. Angels Billabong is an estuary of the river water that met the sea. Because of the natural factors, estuaries are formed like a pool that accommodate a mix of river water and seawater.

Bathing and swimming in natural pools, couples together Billabong Angels certainly will bring the impression romatis. For the meantime, sights Angels Billabong Nusa Penida, still quiet visitors. But my estimate, two years must be very crowded. So while there is yet time, honeymoon in Bali, please allocate for visiting Pearl attractions Bali Nusa Penida, Angels Billabong.

If readers know the honeymoon in Bali, offers romatis and cost is not a drain on the contents of the bag. Please deign to write down the name of the place and the influx of cheap ticket prices. If the honeymoon places in Bali that readers suggest better than 10th place in Bali honeymoon romantic above, then I would add the site on this page.

To be able to visit the tourist attractions of Bali for honeymoon, of course the reader will need a means of transport. The best option for transportation services is to use the saranan cheap car rental in Bali with driver and fuel.

2. Sit on the sidelines of the cliff Beach Atuh Nusa Penida

7 place the honeymoon in a romantic Bali cheap & also on Nusa Penida Island, a small island that is part of the South-East of the island of Bali and entered in the reign of Klungkung Regency. To be able to reach the island of Nusa Penida, readers must cross this sea using boats or fast boat.

There are many beautiful beaches and hidden sights in Nusa Penida, Bali, one of them is the beach Atuh Penida. If this reader knows the list of beautiful beaches of Nusa Penida, please click the link! The beach is more suited to Penida Atuh couples who want to see the sunrise, since the beach side facing Penida Atuh East.

Beach Atuh Penida currently still empty of visitors, because of access and site pantai Atuh Penida away from Bali's famous tourist attractions such as the attractions in Ubud. But if readers want a romatis atmosphere along with a partner, with a view of the sunrise is accompanied by the sound of the sea waves. Then the coast Atuh Penida is well worth the reader's visit as a place to honeymoon in Bali, without removing the cost a lot.

3. Soak in thermal baths Carving

Soak in natural hot springs of mountain ranges, mengasikan and refreshing the body, let alone shared a couple of readers care about. But most of the thermal baths in Bali, only available outdoor public. Take a dip in the natural hot water pools prevalent, make places to visit in Bali for honeymoon Cheap without having to Swipe a credit card an impression romatis will be reduced, because a lot of other visitors who take a dip in the pool.

What if there is a natural hot spring baths in Bali, offers private, which is only used by the both of you together with your partner. If the reader is interested?

Outdoor natural hot water in Bali which provides outdoor private hot spring baths is Carving/ESPA Yeh Functions Natural Hot Spring Resort. Any existing outdoor private hot spring baths in Carving, there are wall partitions. So other visitors can not see you are soaking.

4. Bridge Eucalyptus Beach Canggu

Ever watch the show FTV series, titled Love in terms of Pizza? If Yes, I am sure the reader certainly never seen a wooden bridge as a backdrop in terms of Pizza Love FTV series. The wooden bridge that is on the beach of Canggu Bali, Eucalyptus is the bridge for access to the restaurant La Laguna Canggu. The place is very romatis and unique, if you sit down with the couple while watching sunset views.

There is 10 Places to visit in bali for honeymoon Cheap without having to Swipe a credit card no charge admission to waterblow Nusa Dua, parking is also free. Therefore, the tourist attraction waterblow Nusa Dua, entered in a list of 10 places in Bali honeymoon romantic & cheap.

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